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We help Perth businesses navigate through the ups, the downs and the unexpected turns of the corporate world. 

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If Your Business is Under Pressure, We Can Help Take The Stress Away

our storyLawrence Corporate Solutions are industry leaders in corporate business solutions.

For every setback, we find the solution necessary to propel you forward.

  • 30+ years of experience helping Perth businesses thrive.
  • Cost-effective solutions, delivered in a timely and professional manner.
  • Australian qualified accountants, advisors & finance specialists.
  • Delivering better outcomes with empathy, understanding and tact.
Business Accountants & Finance Specialists Perth

How can we help you?

We’ve spent the last 30 years working alongside business owners providing the skills, tools and expertise to increase sales, reduce debt and ensure that they’re set up with the proper infrastructure for scalability. Wherever your business is at right now, we can provide the services and guidance you need, to get it to where you want it to be.

Ask any business owner and they’ll agree with you that business is hard especially given the number of challenges, detours, distractions and unexpected events that occur throughout the life of a business. 

For the events you can plan for – we’re here to help.

For the ones that knock you to the floor – we’re here to help you get back on your feet.

Lead by passion, empathy, transparency and innovation, we’ve assembled an impressive team of finance, accounting and business experts to ensure you’re given the most sound, current and practical solution to assist you on your journey to the top.

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We’ll help you get back on track

Business Consulting

We work with businesses to identify and implement strategies, undertake planning and provide business consulting services to improve their efficiency, performance and achievement of goals. 

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency Support

Our team will provide you with the knowlege and support you require in dealing with creditor claims and bank pressure. We understand corporate insolvency and will work with you to make it as stress-free as possible.

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Short Term Finance

We understand the implications of a cash flow crisis both on a business and personal basis, and provide lending advice and solutions within quick turnaround times.

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Litigation Support

Creditor claims, commercial litigation etc – see us BEFORE your lawyer to ensure your strategy is right.

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Tax Debt Negotiation

ATO debts reviewed and minimised then settlements negotiated.

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About Joe Lawrence

Joe has been assisting SMEs to reach their financial goals since 1996. As a CPA and Public Practitioner with multiple successful and scalable businesses under his belt, Joe understands what it means to build a business from ground up (and he knows the challenges that it can bring too).

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Joe is known for his skill to get to the bottom of any client’s financial difficulty and find a clear path forward. Understanding that a business is only as good as it’s team, Joe hand selects all staff members and only employs the best of the best; those who show an impressive aptitude alongside a genuine attitude of wanting to help clients through their financial struggles.

Business Accountants & Finance Specialists Perth

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Successful Stories From Our Clients


Our team’s unique experience and extensive skill has assisted countless Perth business owners to move past financial strive and work towards a bright and successful future. Here are some of our success stories:

Miranda was struggling to meet her 12-month payment arrangements with the ATO and, as 12-month arrangements are the most that the ATO will grant, Miranda felt that her financial position was a lost cause. After speaking with Lawrence Corporate Solutions, however, Miranda’s confidence was restored. Lawrence Corporate Solutions successfully negotiated a 24-month extended payment arrangement with the ATO, giving Miranda the breathing room that she needed to get back to running her business.

Sharon found herself being chased by the ATO for a mounting tax debt, and as her spouse had recently been unable work, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. With constant calls and letters, Sharon welcomed Empire Corporate Services stepping in and liaising with the ATO on her behalf. In the end, Sharon prevailed with a $79,904.62 remittance before the final balance was paid out.

After an accident that rendered David unable to work, he was forced to use his tax savings to live on. Very worried and not sure where to turn, Empire Corporate Services worked closely on David’s case and secured him an interest remittance of nearly $7,000 to cope with his financial stress.

With a mountain of ATO penalties (including the dreaded General Interest Charges (GIC), Failure to Lodge (FTL) penalties and business stresses mounting, Shane was in a dire financial position. On Shane’s behalf, Empire Corporate Services was able to remit over $34,000 after just one phone call. Shane’s headaches cleared and it was back to furthering his business!

When Sam’s major debtor went into $2m liquidation, Sam’s business hit a pivotal crossroads. Based on the guidance of his previous advisors, Sam felt his only option was to go bankrupt. With the help of Empire Corporate Services, Sam got his business valued and sold, paid back the bank debt owing and additional funding in place for all other unsecured creditors… all within a fast turnaround of just 6 weeks.

Mitchell came in for a general financial review to set his business on the right path to grow. Upon reviewing Mitchell’s financial structure, Empire Corporate Services discovered that Mitchell had ATO debts totaling more than $550,000… and Mitchell was totally unaware of what he owed. After extensive work in tracking back over Mitchell’s previous returns and BAS’s (as well as righting the submission errors that Mitchell had made), Empire Corporate Services successfully helped Mitchell receive remission of interests of his debts, totaling $320,000.

For a long time Kate didn’t realise… but the ATO had placed $10,000 in interest and fees on top of her tax bill after a she had previously filed a claim incorrectly. Understandably, Kate was frightened about what might happen to her. Lawrence Corporate Solutions stepped in on her behalf and successfully negotiated for a substantial reduction in the outstanding ATO balance. Kate went from owing $10,000 to receiving a $2,000 refund.