Creditor Claims

Creditor Claims

Lodging a Creditor Claim application

Creditor Claims

When someone owes you money but they’ve filed for bankruptcy, you need to make a creditor claim. We can help you.

A debtor not coughing up the money they owe you? Perhaps they’ve gone quiet on you. It may seem like there’s nowhere to turn/ but we can help you find practical solutions, quick.


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    Creditor Claims

    Creditor Claims

    If you operate a business and you have genuine concerns about a particular clients debt with you, it may be beneficial to conduct an investigative review to determine their current financial position. This will help you determine how serious their financial implications are.

    We provide support and a cost-effective solution to help you secure the money that’s rightfully owed to you without having to take it to court, or spend hours in back and forth communication between you and the debtor.

    In the instance that a debtor can’t pay and becomes bankrupt, you may feel as though you have no option or way to get the money owed to you by them. But not all is lost, there is help. We can help you determine your rights and walk you step by step through the creditor claim process.

    What is a Creditor Claim

    If you’re a person or business entity that is still owed money by a debtor, you may in particular circumstances be required to fill out a creditor claim.

    A Creditor Claim is a claim that is required to be filled out and filed, in a proper form, by a single person or entity that is owed outstanding money by a debtor who has either:

    1. Filed for bankruptcy, or had a petition filed against them to declare them bankrupt.
    2. Passed Away

    There are certain conditions and limitations when filing a creditor claim for both instances, which are important for you to be aware of when filing these claims.

    Creditor Claims
    Creditor Claims

    Are you a Creditor?

    If you’re owed money, you may not realise you’re a Creditor.

    You are considered a Creditor if:

    • A certain company owes you money: A creditor is usually owed money due to the nature of their business – providing goods and services on credit.
    • An employer owes you money for unpaid wages and entitlements
    • A company owes you money due to a particular event, such as a legal claim against the company.

    If it turns out that you are a Creditor, there are two categories that you’re most likely to be lumped into. These are:

    • Secured: A Secured Creditor is someone who has a security interest. This can include a mortgage, or any other company asset, to secure the debt owed by the company; or
    • Unsecured: An Unsecured Creditor is a creditor who does not have a security interest in the company’s assets.

    It’s important as a Creditor to know your particular category, your rights and your entitlements so you can proceed carefully in order to get the pending money back in your hands.

    How Lawrence Corporate Solutions can help

    Lawrence Corporate Solutions understands that business is tricky at the best of times, and at the worst of times, it’s a source of unprecedented stress that makes you feel out of control. We can provide that support and advice necessary to give you back control. Especially when it comes to securing the money that debtors owe you when they’ve gone bankrupt.

    We can help you:

    • Determine the best solution
    • Act on your behalf
    • Liaise with debtors where possible, and legal counsel
    • Provide obligation free assessments
    • Assist with statutory demands
    • Assist with Proof of Claims
    • Offer professional and specific advice for your circumstance

    Call Lawrence Corporate to help you determine the best solution for your outstanding debt, today.

    Creditor Claims

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    what our clients say

    Successful Stories From Our Clients


    Our team’s unique experience and extensive skill has assisted countless Perth business owners to move past financial strive and work towards a bright and successful future. Here are some of our success stories:

    Miranda was struggling to meet her 12-month payment arrangements with the ATO and, as 12-month arrangements are the most that the ATO will grant, Miranda felt that her financial position was a lost cause. After speaking with Lawrence Corporate Solutions, however, Miranda’s confidence was restored. Lawrence Corporate Solutions successfully negotiated a 24-month extended payment arrangement with the ATO, giving Miranda the breathing room that she needed to get back to running her business.

    Sharon found herself being chased by the ATO for a mounting tax debt, and as her spouse had recently been unable work, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. With constant calls and letters, Sharon welcomed Empire Corporate Services stepping in and liaising with the ATO on her behalf. In the end, Sharon prevailed with a $79,904.62 remittance before the final balance was paid out.

    After an accident that rendered David unable to work, he was forced to use his tax savings to live on. Very worried and not sure where to turn, Empire Corporate Services worked closely on David’s case and secured him an interest remittance of nearly $7,000 to cope with his financial stress.

    With a mountain of ATO penalties (including the dreaded General Interest Charges (GIC), Failure to Lodge (FTL) penalties and business stresses mounting, Shane was in a dire financial position. On Shane’s behalf, Empire Corporate Services was able to remit over $34,000 after just one phone call. Shane’s headaches cleared and it was back to furthering his business!

    When Sam’s major debtor went into $2m liquidation, Sam’s business hit a pivotal crossroads. Based on the guidance of his previous advisors, Sam felt his only option was to go bankrupt. With the help of Empire Corporate Services, Sam got his business valued and sold, paid back the bank debt owing and additional funding in place for all other unsecured creditors… all within a fast turnaround of just 6 weeks.

    Mitchell came in for a general financial review to set his business on the right path to grow. Upon reviewing Mitchell’s financial structure, Empire Corporate Services discovered that Mitchell had ATO debts totaling more than $550,000… and Mitchell was totally unaware of what he owed. After extensive work in tracking back over Mitchell’s previous returns and BAS’s (as well as righting the submission errors that Mitchell had made), Empire Corporate Services successfully helped Mitchell receive remission of interests of his debts, totaling $320,000.

    For a long time Kate didn’t realise… but the ATO had placed $10,000 in interest and fees on top of her tax bill after a she had previously filed a claim incorrectly. Understandably, Kate was frightened about what might happen to her. Lawrence Corporate Solutions stepped in on her behalf and successfully negotiated for a substantial reduction in the outstanding ATO balance. Kate went from owing $10,000 to receiving a $2,000 refund.